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Walton High School is one of the high schools located in East Cobb County.  The school was named after George Walton, who was one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence as a representative of Georgia.  He was the second governor of Georgia and served in the U.S. Congress and Senate.  
Walton High School is designated as a conversion charter school -- that means that, according to gacharters.org, it used to be a traditional high school and converted to a charter designation to allow additional flexibility in exchange for higher accountability.  That also means that Walton only serves students that live in the Walton District attendance zone.  To verify that an address is in the Walton District, check the Cobb County bus route locator.
Walton has an active PTSA and the Walton Facilities Foundation, a non-profit organization that raises funds for the improvement of Walton High School.  The school boasts a tremendous amount of parental involvement.
Walton is known for its academic excellence, consistently achieving high test scores, not only in the county, but in the state as well.  The school offers 32 AP courses, and it has a nationally certified pre-engineering program.  In 2015, the U.S. News & World Report gave Walton HS a national ranking of 223 with a 66.1 in college readiness index, a 3.3 in math proficiency, and a 3.8 in English proficiency. 
Extra-curricular activities include 65 clubs to choose from including: Math Team, Robotics Team, Mock Trial, Model UN, Science Olympiad, Debate Team, Walton Habitat For Humanity, Photography Club, National Honor Society, Spanish Club, and many more.
Walton High School sports offerings include baseball, basketball, cheerleading, cross country, football, golf, gymnastics, lacrosse, soccer, softball, swimming, tennis, track & field, volleyball, and wrestling.
Walton's band, orchestras, and chorus are highly rated. 

You'll hear Walton folks talk about "WEB" days.  WEB stands for "Walton Enrichment Block". During school weeks with no holidays or other days off, students get a compressed school day on Wednesdays in order to have an afternoon free to get academic assistance/enrichment as needed.  Occasionally the WEBs fall on a Friday -- then they are referred to as "FWEBs." Bus service still is scheduled for the usual time in the afternoon. Students have to find another way home if they opt to leave campus after the shortened class day.
Walton offers a "zero period" which starts around 7 am. This costs extra for students that opt to take 7 instead of 6 classes.
Walton has an attendance incentive program that rewards students with exemptions on up to two finals. See the website for more details. Or ask any Walton student -- they're experts in this. 
Walton High School was completed in 1975. Ground-breaking for a brand-new school on the same premises occurred in May, 2015. The new school will feature a multi-story academic building, a new theater, a fine arts building, and 990 parking spots. Completion is estimated in 2017.
Not that many students take advantage of it, but Cobb County has a dual enrollment program that allows a student to take classes at an accredited post secondary school while earning high school credits towards graduation.  What a great way to pay for college!